Read about The Theory of Interest first, if you've come here because of women. Otherwise, check the table of contents. Despite model scenarios, you can lose some illusions here.

Pokud jste tu kvůli ženám, přečtěte si, o čem Teorie zájmu vlastně je. Jinak zkuste rovnou obsah. Ač uvedené jsou modelové situace, nedivte se, když tu přijdete o iluze.

About The Theory of Interest  

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Do you want to enjoy a lasting success with women? Do you want to find your true love? The Theory of Interest is a system built with the scientific method. It will help you to achieve your goals, even if your present experience is none. It will give you a completely new view – you will realize that things, you've considered as a fluke, can be learned. No more you will stop at that one, who does not respond the same way. No more you will worry, whether she wants to be with you. The Theory of Interest is not just about getting her laid. It is a way to happy life with a great relationship.

I could use something like this, if The Theory of Interest would be just another New Age miracle in the line. But it is not, because I really do adhere to the scientific method. So, I can give a precise description instead of vague, well-formed statements.

The Theory of Interest introduces a relationship model that could be used to keep woman interested in a man. There are two requirements – (1) you want to keep her interested in you and (2) it is possible to predict her actions. Thanks to experience with New Age gurus, as they are able to wrench even a precisely formulated scientific statement, I'll go into more details here. Although it is given from man's perspective, it goes for both sexes.

Perhaps, you'll wonder later, why so much math? Because it gives you an advantage, once you give factual information. But it won't happen, if you would argue with vague terms, subjective validation, anecdotes and parables.

  1. To keeping a woman interested, it is possible to add the following question. How to create the interest? The Theory of Interest uses such metric that makes this question irrelevant. There is always some default interest level and therefore there is nothing to create – it already exists. Subsequently, it is possible to lower, or raise, the interest level.

  2. The effort of keeping her interested is required to create a feedback. Beside other factors, the effort is also affected by the way she behaves towards you. And this, in return, affects the way you behave towards her – i.e. the effort to keep her. So, there are two feedbacks in a pair. If you would like to use The Theory of Interest for a single, self-loving person, you would need to create his identical, virtual copy and establish feedbacks between them. For other sets, i.e. monogamous and polygamy relationships, with n people, where n>1, there are n×(n-1) feedbacks in the system.

  3. The term woman stands for women generally, no particular woman is meant. The Theory of Interest acknowledges the very fact that you cannot have any woman, you'd like to have.

  4. The possibility of predicting her actions does not mean that it is always possible and error-free to predict her future actions. Sampled by time steps, which can vary in length dynamically, her interest level changes by some ΔIL. To a particular time, there is infinity number of possible ΔIL – each of them with some probability. Their sum equals to 100%. The Theory of Interest helps to identify the important ones, ideally just one.

  5. Extent of applied-math knowledge, especially classification of her behavior as predictable, is out of possibilities of most of people – given by education and IQ. If you don't see it, it does not mean that it is impossible. However, we all know that people usually respond the same way to particular events. Thus, I don't ask you to believe into something, what cannot be proved by an independent experiment.

  6. Each woman is different, each of us subjective towards women. In the case of The Theory of Interest, it is nothing but a myth. An omission of a fact that some people are incorrigible. For instance, when I recommend waiting about a week, a source independent on me [2] confirms success with such procedure, I found it to be working too, as well as other people did and provided me with a feedback. Moreover, thanks to the IL metric, it is possible to rule out the possibility of a mere correlation. Next, this procedure even compensates a possible race condition with a synchronous drop of progesterone and estradiol levels. They both affect mood and this happens periodically to women [134, 135]. Thus, The Theory of Interest is objective, because it uses a math model that is consistent with independently published information from various sources.

In The Theory of Games, Nash Equilibrium describes such state that is desirable for all involved parties as they see it as profitable. Attractor of stable chaotic system fits this condition. A chaotic system is either stable, relationship lasts, or it is unstable, breakup. We can consider a relationship as a chaotic system, because it responds to dynamically changing environment at least – there will be children, mother in law, middle-age crisis, etc.

In stable system, both partners desire to stay with each other – aka they are interested in staying with each other. Quantity called Interest Level, aka IL, quantifies the interest. There are two interest levels – personal interest level and relationship interest level. Their meanings are not identical.

The Theory of Interest allows to compute past changes in interest level - ΔIL. There are two effects of this – (1) it is possible to evaluate stability of the system, (2) and to learn, how particular actions affect her interest level. Thus, you can increase effectiveness of learning process on how to handle a relationship – a thing people do intuitively with varying success. Speaking with math, you can change the system by adjusting its parameters. For instance, if her interest level decreases in an unstable system, you can change your parameters (behavior) in a try to change the system into a stable one.

I demonstrate some conclusions with taken of archetypes. Miss Right and gentleman dominate them as an ideal pair. However, rich, old geezer and young gold-digger can form a stable system as well as long as its components are alive. Math model of The Theory of Interest is able to describe them all. As I've said earlier, the requirement is predictability of her actions.

As a quick introduction into The Theory of Interest, I recommend following articles: Dating Is a Game, Equation of Interest Level Motion and Measuring Interest Level. As a handy tool allowing faster success assessment, there is article called Body Language.

However, you should understand the following. Woman will not start to behave differently, just because you started to pick her up. Look, no woman will go like this: "oh, yes, he's a shy guy, so I need to change what I like on men". Target sets the optimal strategy. All you can do is to decide, whether the requirements are acceptable for you. The Theory of Interest recognizes this fact. Question is – what will be your standpoint on this matter? It is no secret that number of people would prefer ego-friendlier methods.

If you've read so far, it is highly likely that you will pay some attention to other reference guides on women, dating and relationships. Diplomatically speaking, we could doubt with success that number of them is based on anything else but the placebo effect. As a more realistic point of view on the world of professional dating, than it is usual to present it, I recommend to read Dating Myths article.

If my knowledge is to help my course,
won't it be better to have the most accurate information?

The Theory of Interest is here for several years, while being acknowledged as working. Once upon a time, I've even read "and that shall happen for it is written so in The Theory of Interest". I guess you all understand now that the applied math is not a fad, but a way to show that my conclusions are no act of god. It seems to me that there is a resemblance of cults and blind faith, while looking at some dating schools.

Sometimes, a man feels anxiety and fears to approach the woman. A little self-confidence ego-stroke might solve the situation successfully. I would not argue against such decent use of placebo effect. But honestly, it looks to me like if the dating industry competes with its own greediness. New claims and so-called theories are presented as stone-written truths to maintain necessary fame, yet no scientific evidence is given. So, don't expect them to like me for pointing out such facts and promoting critical thinking. Sometimes and pretty ironically said, I have fun watching experts, who explicitly don't like me and The Theory of Interest, to actually teach it.

Of course, it happens every time you create something popular, even useful. So, The Theory of Interest has been copied several times, while the authorship information went missing. Was it foolishness, or a double-dyed act? Luckily, it's not trivial to steal math-based article successfully, if you actually don't understand all the involved math:-)

As a collective, people are so foolish so they don't share source of their information. Giving the information over several sources, there is a risk of misinterpreting the information. If you want to help people, share the source. Let them find the information, they might be looking for.

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