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The First Kiss  

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There is a lot of buzz around the first kiss. There is even a saying that woman will decide, whether she wants, or does not, to stay with a man right by the first kiss. Although, it is a non-sense, it is a good excuse to explain the theory first.

You had a date for one, single reason – she decided that she wanted to be with you (and you have not even kissed her yet ;-). So, let us be picky a little – let us to want her to have a high interest level, if she wants to date us. There is a primary condition for the high interest level to exist – you have to pass a test of your physical attractiveness to her. And how do you find, if you qualify? Easily – kiss her. If she flinches, you failed to pass. Otherwise, you are in the game. This the first reason for the first kiss – to find out, if you are physically attractive enough for her. Second reason – it is a clear signal that you are not after a friendship. Keep reading – there is a third reason as well. She can have the high interest level, but she may be structured. In such case, she will flinch, because she does not kiss on the first date with anybody and she will not change her rules just because of you. Would you like to live with a dictator, who refuses to compromise?

When to Kiss Her

If you are after a long-term relationship with Miss Right, sex does not have the highest priority. Simply said, it is hard to do it all your free time, day by day. Moreover, she has more talents than the bedroom ones and she knows that. So, now you know, why you will not pursue her, like a wasp goes after a sweet, but you will wait until the end of the first date. With that, you are giving her enough of space, so she can show her feelings towards you. Use this "free time" to guess her interest level in you.

Is She Ready for the Kiss?

There are many tests, how to find out, whether she is ready, or not. Hair test, touch test, whispering test and may be, even a tire test could be used with a little bit of fantasy…. All these tests have one thing in common – there are people, who don’t have enough of self-confidence and therefore they seek a feeling of guarantee. If they would not be afraid of a rejection, they would not have the need for such testing.

For the first time at the end of the first date, when a gentleman is about to kiss Miss Right, he knows that he is good enough for her. And he will show his self-confidence. He will not react overcautiously like a small boy, who let his emotions to overrun him. Gentleman kisses Miss Right without the testing. Simply – he does it.

Active testing for the kiss-ready state shows a low self-confidence and it has been known as a reason for lowering her interest level.

If you need a help anyway, watch her reactions. She is ready, when she feels comfortable. Body language can tell this. Or, the simple fact she's smiling. And beside all of that, she is still free to kiss you first. Nevertheless, even if you do not see any positive signs, kiss her anyway, when you have the high interest level. The chances are that you won't be executed on a police department's backyard, as a warning to others.

Of course, do not try to kiss her, when she handles a phone call, speaks to someone else, or if she keeps a distance from you.

Just do not forget, not every babe will really like your physical appearance enough, So, she can flinch, even if you do everything right. And, under certain circumstances, some girls will let you touch, but no kissing. If Miss Right harbors romantic feelings for you, she wants to kiss and hold by hands. Notice the difference, when compared to a woman that might behave in a sexually arousing manner, yet with a noticeable shortage of given kisses. Like if you are nothing more but a piece of meat for a sex to such woman – a toy for boredom.

The Technique

I've already discussed the sex – thus, no french kissing. The only time for the french kissing is, when she responds this way. If she does not respond to your kiss, do not continue. You already have your information, so do not push it. Remember, what happened to the sheriff, who pushed John Rambo ;-)

A nice breath is a matter of course, if she has to kiss on her free will. To prevent a strange taste combination in you mouths, which certain ingredients may produce, when mixed this way, adapt your menu to hers. When you call the chewing-gum guard to arms, give her enough time to dispose of the gum prior the kissing.

Keep the saliva production at the lowest necessary level for keeping you alive, no herpes, and no dry or cracked lips.

The best place to kiss is in the privacy. Ideally, you accompany her almost to her house, you stop several feet before the door and you let her to finish anything, she might to want to tell you. If suitable, make a short replica and smile, if it fits the situation. Put one of your arms around her waist, leave the second arm alone not trying a Peggy Bundy's trick for Al's wallet, and kiss her. I mean to touch her lips with yours with closed eyes. Approximately after a second, stand off into the default position prior the kiss. Do it in slow motion, no stress and casually – there's no need to hurry the moment. Follow with a smile, say goodbye and go home.

Ending like this is a perfect demonstration of self-confidence. You assume that she wants to see you again. Moreover, it demonstrates your self-control as well – that you don't let yourself to be overran with emotions. And for the future, it shows you cannot be controlled via newly bought Victoria's secret underwear. For instance. Mainly, you let her die with a desire for your next kiss. Do you ask why it would work? Because such tender kiss is a romantic one.

In the real life, the ideal conditions do not come up, as you need them. You have to take care of them. Pay attention, when choosing a restaurant, and plan where to kiss her for the first time. Would you like a romantic night with stars shining above you? Consider the weather forecast. Pay attention to details, if you want to perform a great show. Results are worth the efforts.

When practicing, try to meet the ideal conditions as much as possible. It might happen that you have not kissed yet and you're already at a station, from where each of you departs in an opposite direction. Frankly, it is not ideal, but you can still kiss her, if she is interested. Of course, it is better to stand away from other passengers. Some girls will tell you, they won't kiss under such circumstances. They will, if they are flexible and interested. Sometimes, they'll even kiss your first.

Saying good bye does not mean a love confession, or thanks for the technique and for showing up. Or, telling her she's beautiful, but you already have to go. If you have to, then go. Asking, when you will see her again, it's like driving an aspen spike through a vampire's heart. She almost took you home, kissed you, and now you're de-facto asking, if she still wants to see you again. However, there are guys gladly doing these mistakes and other guys gladly telling them to do so. To say good bye really means to say just the words of good bye. Every other mentioned stuff shows a low self-confidence, and how much she can be sure of you – both lower her interest level.

She can tell the difference,
when you kiss her with self-confidence,
and when you need to make sure it is OK with her.

Image Notice: Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman in Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious movie.

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