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The Placebo Paradox  

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I came across an interesting article about the placebo effect. It concludes that the placebo effect has no measurable physiological effect*. Relieve from pain, stress, nausea, phobia, etc. are subjective outcomes.

*I.e. cases such as broken leg, fever, bad hormone level, bleeding, failing neurotransmissions, etc.

Now, consider the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) that relies on placebo. Its proponents often claim that western, i.e. evidence based, medicine addresses just the symptoms. So, here's the paradox as the research shows the exact opposite to be true... It is like if the CAM shuts off body alarm, thus luring the patient into a feeling that everything is OK since s/he does not feel the urge of a pain.

As a conclusion, if the healing process requires a physiological change, it cannot be done with a placebo - i.e. CAM. And do not forget that even a psychological problem requires a drug, sometimes.

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