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Three Hazel Nuts for a Minister  

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Yes, prime ministerOnce upon a time, there was a minister and he had a daughter that was pretty much into environmentalism. When a local forest was planned to be chopped down, she did not hesitate and tied herself at a tree. Naked. This way, she fought for rights of badgers. Luckily, it was possible to explain her in time that there already are no badgers. Otherwise, it would be a scandal for her irresponsible parents.

And what about travel gift shopping. It took a lot of thinking on what to buy her. It had to be something from natural materials, something ecological. Prior leaving for by-election, her father asked: "what should I bring you, my child?" "Take it easy father, bring me the first unexpected thing that will hit you – you know, we already have a lot of eggs and tomatoes", she replied. Hopefully, it won’t be something bold or controversial, minister worried.

Well, minister rode, pondered about the gift, when his horse skidded. It was Christmas time, horseshoes’ design was less than 4mm, horse was not lighting and sled had summer tires. So it happen that they ran into a prince on a white horse. Prince flew over his horse and landed directly on a minister's lap. However, he bumped his head against branches of a mighty nut tree, completing his flight unconscious. What a minister could do? Even a man with an intelligence of Pooh the Bear would bring him home to his daughter.

When he delivered the prince into her care, they found three hazel nuts on his hat. First hazel nut gave a nice wedding dress and nobody was able to talk the daughter out of the idea the prince was on his to way to propose her. Second hazel nut carried a decree naming a prime minister. And third hazel nut contained a cheap vase that was so appreciated by Mrs. Minister.

As the ending goes, everything turns to good. Mrs. Minister's vase is exposed in a museum, where tourists adore it. Minister became a prime minister and prince has married. And if the opposition party has not won election, they fight against euro-sausages ever-after.

Picture and original motive: Yes, (Prime) Minister – © BBC

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