Read about The Theory of Interest first, if you've come here because of women. Otherwise, check the table of contents. Despite model scenarios, you can lose some illusions here.

Pokud jste tu kvůli ženám, přečtěte si, o čem Teorie zájmu vlastně je. Jinak zkuste rovnou obsah. Ač uvedené jsou modelové situace, nedivte se, když tu přijdete o iluze.


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ScorpionsAs you'll return back from holiday to office (school, doctor)* and your HR manager (teacher, doctor)* will ask, what you did on holiday, what will be your answer? That you went to sea, took an interesting trip and sung "Holiday" on a concert with the band? It could be. Yet, if there will be some time left without an idea what to do, feel free to reread The System [2], The Game [35] and The Theory of Interest. You'll understand certain things after several rereading.

Any author known for quality of original articles would tell you that it is impossible to produce them like a machine without dropping the quality. And for this reason, I'll try to do my best to restrain from article writing until September. Anyway, even Scramjet has been expanded just by one field report since the last notice on its release.

So, rather than to hold on deadlines for any price, let us enjoy the summer!

"Don't try to be a great man... just be a man.
Let history make its own judgments." – Zefram Cochrane

* Cross the inapplicable.

Picture: Scorpions.

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