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Too Shy to Approach a Woman  

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A boy too shy. A boy who wants to be a real man. A boy who has the problem to talk to a woman he is interested in. Precisely, so much interested so that he cannot find the words. It is an every-day reality. Out there, there are some guys who are too shy to talk to women they like. So, what are they going to do about it? It is easy! There are self-help courses on how to increase your self-confidence, so that you can finally talk to a woman you like.

Now, let's look at the self-help courses closely. What's the point? You should train the talking with other women. With your friends, shop assistants and old ladies buying rolls. As the saying of Russian generalissimo Suvorov goes: "Train hard, fight easy.". From this point of view, everything is fine, so what's the problem?

The reason of this problem is that you have high interest level in this particular woman and you don't want to loose her. You are looking for a way to get her without the risk of loosing. And because the odds, that she will not have enough of high interest level in you, are quite high, you discard the option of talking to her, which would show her true interest swiftly and with no mercy.

Look guys, when you are talking to other women like the ones mentioned above, you are talking to women you don't have high interest level in. Therefore, you don't practice the required self-control (to suppress the fear of a rejection), as there's no emotional pressure coming from the the possibility of the rejection. That's why a lot of people pray for such courses - they are merciful to their egos. And correct me, if I'm wrong, but haven't you already talked to people in your life? ;-)

Some of these courses have additives like improving the look, emphasizing the positive thinking, being gallant, etc., which are all fine, but you still gotta talk to her.

All these courses end at the same point, where they started. Right prior talking to a woman you have high interest level in and you're not sure, how she feels about you. To quote Mr. Spock, logic dictates that if you take such course instead of talking to her, you are going to loose her for sure, while talking to her gives you at least some chance to succeed. So, stop wasting your time and do what's necessary.

Go to her, say hello, talk about something happening near you, so you can make a compliment on her mind, not the look, make her smile and ask for the phone number. That's all it takes. Not every woman will have the high interest level in you, so stop assuming that. Every guy gets rejected from time to time. Only fools don't admit the truth.

Remember, fear is the mind killer.

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