Read about The Theory of Interest first, if you've come here because of women. Otherwise, check the table of contents. Despite model scenarios, you can lose some illusions here.

Pokud jste tu kvůli ženám, přečtěte si, o čem Teorie zájmu vlastně je. Jinak zkuste rovnou obsah. Ač uvedené jsou modelové situace, nedivte se, když tu přijdete o iluze.


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(I) I am the one
(The one) Who sold his soul
(His soul) Forever gone to be the
Last Man Standing

FreyaMany warriors went to a battle for their feelings to a beautiful lady. But none Valkyrie ever took warrior just because of his feelings. Those, who have not learned to control their emotions, have not entered Valhalla.

There was a long and hard fight on plains of math model. They fought for the honor that belongs to those, who reign ultimately over success at women. In the last day of the battle, the situation changed dramatically. On that day, I’ve finally figured out, how to compute her Interest Level.

Only two warriors left standing, while watching each other’s back. Knowledge and Critical Thinking.

Perhaps, some of you might wonder now, where is look and self-confidence? You can change your physical attractiveness to a limited extent only – e.g. it is impossible to modify your DNA by a plastic surgery and DNA affects how she smells you. What you can change, it depends on critical thinking and knowledge on appearance – e.g. what to wear. And self-confidence? Well, it is a matter of how high you think of yourselves;-)

Noble in my mind
Everything I fight to win
Taking all and giving
Whatever my pride would let me
Not backing down, not giving in
I wouldn't lose, I couldn't

Everybody has some self-confidence. Some people think sky-rocket-high of themselves, some have low self-confidence. There are two ways to increase it: knowledge and manipulation.

Manipulation is the bad choice, because it suppresses critical thinking. Take a beginner for example and give him some basic knowledge. At the very moment he will use it, he will feel growing self-confidence and admiration to you. What you’ll make with the admiration, that’s a matter of moral of each of us. Beware the false gods – Teal’c.

Experience is knowledge of what happened at particular time. You approach woman, because you think there’s a chance to succeed. This view is given by your present knowledge and thinking. Notice as I’ve not required that the knowledge matches with reality and that the thinking is critical one. It is because the self-confidence increase can happen even without them. But would it be a way to long-term success?

What separates low and excessive self-confidence? Did she say no because she has no interest, or because she simply could not? Is it really as they say? And how will I keep her? To these and many other questions, knowledge and critical thinking help to find correct answers. Blind faith and ignorance do not.

Critical thinking leads to knowledge, which allow getting more knowledge with taken of critical thinking. More knowledge matching reality means an advance that happens thanks to the critical thinking. Everything else, you can affect, is just a consequence – an application of knowledge.

Man gains particular quality, if he constantly acts in a particular way – Aristotle. If you want to become gentleman, which Miss Right desires to keep, knowledge and critical thinking will tell you how and why – advance in development of your personality.

Beside knowledge, The Theory of Interest gives you control mechanisms. Thanks to them, it is principally falsifiable. Without them, it would be nothing more but another miraculous cure in the line.

I walk alone
With my head held high
Never felt that I belonged
Stand my ground at all costs
Running through life with blindfolds
Just for the right – right to be wrong

If you are lucky, you meet someone who tries to give you the knowledge.
The Theory of Interest goes even further.
The Theory of Interest helps to develop your critical thinking.

Nothing would rule my world but...

Italic text: HammerFall – Last Man Standing
Picture: J. Pentose – Freya

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