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The Psychic Mafia  

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Well, on one side, there are quacks, which claim to help you, your friends, family and beloved ones. No matter, what the problem is - they claim to be of a help.

On another side, there are skeptics, which are pretty much aware of their practices and the very fact on how people react in an emotional stress. All they can do is to educate people by exposing tricks and errors of quacks' claims. Unfortunately, not everybody has a needed education and sometimes it is difficult to explain the science behind.

On even yet another side, there are reformed people, who used to make living with quackery and this sort of things. So, even if you don't understand the required part of science, you can still learn what's behind the curtain. Don't get distracted by the word psychic - rather pay attention to the principles, which were used to promote psychic powers. Who knows? May be and you'll find something familiar in your experience.

All mediums, including me, subscribed to the creed that a new sucker is born every thirty seconds and that the typical spiritualist believer is in sympathy with his own destruction. For our sitters - even those with whom we pretended friendship outside the séance room - we had unspeakable contempt.
- M. Lamar Keeene in his book of the same name as this article

Okay, you wanna something related to relationships, right? Well then. Chapter seven is called "Sex in the Séance" alias "How to Lay a Ghost". No kidding. This goes far beyond traditional fantasies of dating gurus as I know them:-)

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