Read about The Theory of Interest first, if you've come here because of women. Otherwise, check the table of contents. Despite model scenarios, you can lose some illusions here.

Pokud jste tu kvůli ženám, přečtěte si, o čem Teorie zájmu vlastně je. Jinak zkuste rovnou obsah. Ač uvedené jsou modelové situace, nedivte se, když tu přijdete o iluze.


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  1. Background
  2. A Little Bit of Math
  3. Possible Progress of Interest Level
  4. Math Proof
  5. Implications
  6. Use
  7. Some More Examples from the Field
  8. Crash & Burn

One late night, our group started to move from one bar to another. While paying, I noticed a hot babe that came accompanied by three guys of approximately her age. Subsequently, two of them disappeared, perhaps to men's room. At that time, I was no longer able to think so there was no way how to fear the possibility of rejection. I smiled at her, she smiled back. I sat beside her.Goldie Hawn a Kurt Russell

"Yeah, sometimes it happens."
"Well, we should do something about it then."

A specific offer followed, then its confirmation and finally, we said goodbye. It took just few tens of seconds, and long time before The Theory of Interest came to existence and long time before I even learned about The System [2].

Perhaps, anyone, who goes successfully by any procedure, sometimes encountered notably better results than usually. Putting aside cases such as her playing a role for her own goals, or interest level so high that we could not loose, we have something, what has not been explained yet. One of its names is "fool's mate", because nobody really knows, what actually happened. Sure, there are some explanations such as extremely strong frame*, pretty much self-confident, etc. However, everybody with enough of practice and knowledge knows that it's rather a self-deception than a holding explanation.

There is no known explanation that you could see right at the first analysis, unless you already know it. And I found it after I've enriched The Theory of Interest with sufficient amount of math.

* Frame is a term of so-called neuro-lingvistic programming. Standalone, it would provide enough material for its own article, and therefore I say it right and straight – in reality, it does not work [96, 97].


Let us start with an explanation of method's name – Scramjet. Whoever recognized a type of supersonic combustion [92] was right. Whoever flew on holiday by a jet might have noticed a turbine at jet's engine. The turbine drives air into the engine – air compression. Scramjet has no moving parts, which could fail. The air compression happens because of high speed and a cone inside the engine. Result is a simpler engine with much higher maximum speed. From military point of view, it's no way stealth. Yet, it is no problem because of the achievable speed. In dating, it is a principally simple method that can raise Miss Right's personal interest level rapidly. She will do part of the job so that "gain to costs" ratio gets more profitable for you. However, in reality it is not that easy, because...

Everything worth keeping has its price. As Scramjet starts working from Mach 5, her interest level must rise with some minimum speed as well. Another required condition is a suitable fuel – Miss Right. You need to provide both.

Showing it on an example, let her know, what you are going to do and what her response will be. Just beware of this, you have to do it then and she has to respond accordingly to your prediction. Otherwise you lower her interest level. Since her interest level grows with some minimum speed, she will cooperate and therefore be willing to give you the credit for correct prediction – i.e. she does part of your job, which is the effect we seek. However, if you would like to control the effect, it can not be said so simply. You would never learn when you got the minimum required speed and to shut down not to overload the engine.

A Little Bit of Math

Speaking of timing, we actually don't have to go for a specific time units, or event that would say when. For the moment and without explanation why, let us use a fractal [93]. Fractal is a fragmented geometric shape and each of its part is roughly self-similar to the entire shape. Koch's snow flake is ideal for our purpose.

Koch's snow flake

Instead of line, we use it for a hysteresis curve [94]. The curve determines a delayed reaction on external effects. In our case, on the effort to raise her interest level. Particularly, you can understand this curve as a possible progress of her interest level increase, if you do everything right in the given interval.

Hystersis curve

Two hysteresis curves give so-called hysteresis loop. The loop shows a progress of the interest level change – raise and descent.

Hysteresis loop

Usually, the loop is preferred, because the change is not just a function of time. It depends on invested resources as well – i.e. efforts to raise her interest level in our case. However, let us draw just the curve as a function of time. Then, we get a possible progress of interest level, when she fell for him at first, but he did so many mistakes after that that he send her interest level under the point of no return.

Interest level progress in a relationship

Possible Progress of Interest Level

And now, we finally got to the previously introduced fractal. In the following figure, notice as it is possible to split the blue hysteresis curve at indexes 0 – 5 and 4 – 7 into two curves.

If we would zoom any depicted curve close enough, we would get a combination of up and down going curves no matter what procedure we used to approach the girl.

Interest level progress

The figure depicts a possible interest level progress for five possible strategies. Time is given in indexes, when the interest level was sampled. Thanks to fractals, we do not have to give particular time values as the developments are self-similar.

Educated as well as non-educated persons do not have well mastered body language, so they have worse starting conditions than others. However, educated one has read some advices so he avoided biggest mistakes at least. He was successful when compared to non-educated one.

If somebody tries to go by some procedure, but not The Theory of Interest (TI), he does even better than the educated one. However, as he tries to get Miss Right, there are mistakes anyway. Yet, he does relatively well in the overall effect. The figure depicts interest level progress during first contact. As we can see there, he can do even better than TI at some moments. Nevertheless, a conservative TI approach eliminates mistakes (for some price, of course) and therefore it gets better final result.

Scramjet uses the same techniques as the conservative approach does. However, it has better timing. This possibility is given by knowing the interest level progress. Having some minimum speed of interest level increase, or its minimum acceleration, it is possible to estimate the future interest level if there will be neither failure nor any other action.

Going back to the example, the estimation presents how much confident statement we can do. Such statement would work as a prediction of her interest level in us. Predicted interest level has to lie above the estimated value. Difference between the estimated and predicted values affects how much credit she will give us as a bonus, if the prediction will come true. The greater the difference is the greater probability of failure and subsequent interest level decrease. If the difference is small, she won't find anything intriguing about the prediction and it might even start to bore her. Thus, it might lower her interest level. The point is that you should learn by practice, how much you can push your prediction luck with your knowledge – i.e. to minimize the risk.

If Scramjet's application was successful, her interest level rose at least at the predicted level.

Math Proof

I explicitly say that the interest level prediction technique is only an application of Scramjet. It gave him the name and mainly it allowed identification of the hysteresis curve and rapid increase of her interest level. The real trick, the way Scramjet works, is encoded within the following math proof.

We have to realize that the hysteresis curve describes an effect of some action. It means that you cannot interrupt it, you can shorten it only. When you start with an action right after another one that just started to raise her interest level, you start new hysteresis curve and therefore you forced a change over the curves. In other words, you forced the speed of her interest level increase to slow down in order to try to increase it with another action. If you would wait instead, it would rose anyway.

Perhaps, several actions could be performed simultaneously. For instance, to tell her a joke under a beach umbrella with a colorful cocktail that lies on a nearby table. And then, a superposition could take the place.

How many actions is she able to evaluate simultaneously without a forced change over two hysteresis curves? Let us consider a speed of evaluation of simultaneously performing actions and let us consider that this speed converges to infinity slower than the speed, at which she is exposed to individual actions. Thanks to speeds of these convergences, we can use just one string. Let all actions comply with +IL++ and let their number grow to infinity.

Scramjet - math proof - string

Then, the length of each hysteresis curve goes to zero from the right as well as speed of her interest level increase goes to zero from the right. This is the proof that less number of performed actions might be more successful than a greater number of performed actions.

As a paradox, it proves that a man knowing just few tricks could be more successful than so-called seduction artist knowing countless number of routines, openers and god knows what else kind of procedures. Most of the population achieved positive RIL and it does not care about such procedures as a whole. Even I did not care about them, when I exercised right the first example.

It is possible to limit the number of actions by a fixed number. In such case, we could start discussing a probability of which speed action performing is optimal and yet we would not guarantee optimal results. Scramjet as adaptive method derives the number of actions per time interval from the observed interest level change. And for this reason, it can achieve a greater interest level increase even with a small number of actions against a case, where a routine goes immediately after previous routine.

{IL++ | IL--}+ is left upon a kind reader.


First implication is the need of continuous interest level increase. For this reason, it won't work on mercenaries and similar people, because their interest level might change steeply. For example by showing bank account listing. As we saw in "Equation of Interest Level Motion", we do not have 100% efficiency even with Miss Right. Therefore, it is better to consider minimum needed acceleration of interest level increase than to consider its minimal needed speed. Unlike the speed, the acceleration is capable of compensation for small stepped regions on the hysteresis curve. Theoretically, we can assume another type of woman than Miss Right, for which the Scramjet will be effective as well. It is just a matter of continuity.

Second implication is the impossibility of reaching the top limit. If she already loves you at 100%, what will happen if next actions are supposed to increase her interest level? In the reduced state space from "Dating Is a Game", it will stay at 100%. However, we talk about continuous, phase space here. Therefore, you will just reach the limit from the left. It means that you can do everything right and her interest level will still grow. However, the greater it is, the smaller bounds are within which it will increase. Simply said, her interest level cannot grow to infinity.

IL max

Of course, 100% goes for the top limit only if you have not lowered it previously. For instance by discovered adultery.

Third implication is the fact that most suitable time, when to apply Scramjet, is so-called entering knee (B), when the acceleration is big enough and therefore it is possible to generate maximum gain. Beginning of the entering edge (C) identifies time, when it is profitable to stop. Aka when it's much of a good thing. At this phase, we should wait until there is sufficient acceleration (A) again.

Components of hysteresis curve

Fourth implication has a fundamental impact on evaluating the interest level. From the equation of interest level motion, we already know that interest level is never considered to have zero value. And now, we see that the interest level always changes. Even if it should be infinitely small increment that we are not able to measure. For example, when you wait for circa week before you call her and she thinks of why you have not called yet.


"Are you trying to seduce me?"
"And how do you know that I'll let you?"

  • Sufficient interest level increase: "Because you are a big girl and you know, what you are doing."
    "And what am I doing?"
    "You're talking to a man, who's gonna ask for your phone number :-)"

  • Insufficient interest level increase: "I don't know that :-)"

Scramjet uses the same actions as conservative approach does [2, 3]. However, Scramjet says what the optimal timing for them is. To use Scramjet, you need to understand the math model. Otherwise, you will just use known procedures, which might increase her interest level, but at a slower rate.

The question is when to use Scramjet. Minimum needed speed of her interest level increase is given by your capabilities. You need to test yourselves in the field, to known your minimum speed and how much confident prediction you can do.

When you should stop, i.e. to slow down, it is given by the hysteresis curve's shape.

And now, it would be handy to give some more examples. They are not here because of following reasons:

  1. This article is publicly accessible and distributed. For sure, there would be some smart guys (with a sky-high meaning of them) that would not even try to understand it. On the other hand, they would not hesitate to run into streets and use given examples massively. Regrettably, with already known chances. When she recognizes that you’ve used the same procedure, you’ll get the same, low opinion as they did. Your innocence would not matter.

    And it was documented several times [35, 95] that women are able to recognize it. By this, you’ve been strongly warned on parroting someone else’s sentences. For this reason, I explicitly say that the introducing opener of this article has not been presented in its original form. However, I left example from this section intact. Who understand this article, understand why;-)

  2. Authorship and copyright. I’ll save my time as there won’t be so many texts, where parts of my articles appear without giving me the deserved credit. This is a reason for having the math at such degree in The Theory of Interest. Who can understand, cites and is able to find the original source, even if he reads a stolen copy. Why did I give Scramjet’s explanation in a form of a math proof? ;-)

  3. Stealth Opener. When using sentences you have not identified with, there will a deviation from the rest of your body language. Just remember truthsayer [4]. The greater the deviation is, the more apparent it becomes and the more it lowers her interest level. They don’t want you to be yourself for nothing. Yes, if she is interested, she helps. But she won’t overlook anything for this.

    As long as you are authors of used sentences, there’s no deviation and you’re fine (of course, unless you do another error).

    If you have understood the math proof, you have a stealth method at your disposal. She is not able to detect it reliably. She can only tell if there are its signs. And only if she knows what to look for.

Some More Examples from the Field

We can start with e.g. circa week pause before calling. Beside obvious benefits of this waiting, it respects the optimal timing (given by the hysteresis curve) as well. You get her interested so much, that she gives you phone number. That was the entering edge of rapid interest level increase. And then, do not push it. Give her some time. And that’s the change over two hysteresis curves, when the interest level increases slowly, so it can increase rapidly as we demonstrate our self-confidence by calling her (not sending a text message).

A similar effect could be seen e.g. with clairvoyant client, when a wild guess (bluff) matched the reality. A client inclined to believe in her psychic abilities will cling to this belief even harder. Some of you might recall a Cold Reading trick, when you should guess 7 as a number she thinks of. Be extremely careful here. She might figure out the trick pretty easy and test you much harder. This is an effect of slowing the interest level increase.

AMOG as an action means taking out a rival out of the game [35]. Sometimes, it is said that the woman was already so aroused that AMOG winner had less work to do as his predecessor made the work for him. Well, let’s just leave actual probability of such explanation being valid aside. In reality, we predicted that she will be more satisfied with us and she want to see, whether we will stand up to the prediction.

And how about being nice and bad as necessary? Never heard of it? I guess you did. In fact, it is about a particular application of limiting the offer to increase the demand. This is a part of Challenge [2] and later it was re-published as a part of escalation, e.g. Push/Pull [35]. In proverbial two steps forward you get her accustomed to the interest level, which you’ll take back with the third step. It is nothing but manipulation. As you supply something and then you artificially limit its volume, the demand will grow temporarily, until the volume is restored or alternative solution is found. Outside the seduction world, just think a little bit about petroleum. However, since it’s just a manipulation, you might have noticed that the final effect depends on how far you’ve stepped back – artificial supply limit.

The problem is that you operate just with the proverbial steps. There’s nowhere said how exactly many steps it takes and how far you can go. Optimal timing means to adhere to curve’s shape as Scramjet has shown. Altogether with the ability to determine the speed of interest level increase, you have a formula for timing your actions. Optimally, you limit nothing. You just do not trick her all the time.

Moreover, manipulation usually does not lead to a long-term, satisfying relationship [109]. Notice that on contrary to manipulation, Scramjet acts as a catalyst to accelerate what would happen anyway, but at a slower pace.

Crash & Burn

You see a girl you don’t know and she doesn’t know you as well. You approach and with self-confidence and appropriate body language, you say to her: “Today is your lucky day as I’m single at the moment”. Being Elvis Presley, whom his reputation foregoes, chances for success would be fairly great. However, you are not Elvis and field-tested results go from success to mocking. Why?

It takes her 10 seconds to evaluate your physical appearance. But the approach takes place sooner, before she can finish the evaluation. As she has never met you before, there is no initial interest level. Therefore, you start somewhere between a limit that goes to zero from the right and a limit that goes to maximum interest level from the left. In such case, she always starts by evaluating your physical appearance and that’s the only thing that makes her interest level at the moment. And then, an interrupt in the form of an opener came:

  • If you do not attract her, her personal interest level goes under the zero, no matter what you do or say. You’ll never get it into positive numbers.

  • You might attract her, but the interest level does not increase fast enough to handle given opener. She will consider you as a selfish bighead and her personal interest level will fall into negative numbers. Just be aware, things might look differently when devilish puss gets bored;-)

  • You attract her so much that her interest level increases fast enough to consider you as endearingly perky and she’ll give you extra credit for that – Scramjet.

If you require a greater degree of your physical attractiveness to her, than it is actually needed, feel free to use such openers. Some women will be some more tolerable to your faults because of this. However, it does not matter with Miss Right. You cannot expect her to sacrifice her self-esteem to your appearance. For this reason, it is contra-productive to use such openers as long as you are after Miss Right. It is just an unnecessary harm. In vain, you will disqualify even those who would have positive interest level otherwise – i.e. those who would found you physically attractive anyway.

Scramjet is such timing of actions,
which display your positive interest level,
yet they do not lower hers.

Picture: Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell in the Overboard movie.

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