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Posted by SomeoneCZ

On the eve of Halloween in Seduction City, there was somebody singing a song...

Halloween MirrorSarge, sarge,
Meet your wingman and don’t be late
Get out with a good state
Heat and fever in the air tonight
Meet the others at the store,
Knock on every girl’s door
Trick or cheat, they have no choice,
These boys are makin’ lots of noise

But watch out...
Beware - listen...
Take care

In the streets of town
There’s somebody sarging on
No way to escape the power unknown

In the streets on Halloween
The gurus will arise
Girl, make your choice,
It’s being single or paradise

Ah – It’s Halloween
Ah – It’s Halloween... Tonight!

Flowing through a field,
Taking all the yield
Flowing there with glowing eyes,
Girl, make your choice wise

Bad luck if you get a stone,
Like the good old Charlie Brown

You think they might be right
Some will say it’s just a stupid lie

But watch out...
Beware - listen...
Take care


Listen now - we are anchoring you...
And there is a magic in the air
Magic in the air... on Halloween

Black is the night full of fright
You’ll be missing the man
Who will be here very soon

Changing your ways
A knock at girl’s door
Is it real or is it a dream
On trembling legs she opens the door
And you escalate... on Halloween

Where am I now
Is there a real man out there
What has happened
Am I with him
Or is it hell

I can see a destiny comin’
It’s comin’ nearer
It’s shining
It’s shining so bright
It’s shining on me

I am the One, Doom’s in my hands
Now make your choice,
Redeemed or enslaved
I’ll show her passion and glory
I am the snake
I’ll hive us power and abudance
I am the best of men

Save me from the evil one
Give me strength to find a man
I will fight for a better fate
A peace of mind

But watch out...
Beware - listen...
Take care


Yeah, it’s Halloween
Yeah, it’s Halloween... Tonight!

...and it seemed to me, like a female singer took her part as well.

Original lyrics and music: Helloween Ex & Founder, Kai Hansen
Image: As Halloween legend goes, seeing a man’s face in a mirror is to see girl’s true love.

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