Read about The Theory of Interest first, if you've come here because of women. Otherwise, check the table of contents. Despite model scenarios, you can lose some illusions here.

Pokud jste tu kvůli ženám, přečtěte si, o čem Teorie zájmu vlastně je. Jinak zkuste rovnou obsah. Ač uvedené jsou modelové situace, nedivte se, když tu přijdete o iluze.

Are You Trying to Seduce Me?  

Posted by SomeoneCZ

What will be your answer to such question? Some possible answers are already known:

  • DocLove [2] style: "Like the 85 ones before"
  • Eric Weber [34, 35]: "You're much too pretty to let get away"
  • SomeoneCZ: "Yes"

Notice, as each answer demonstrates the self confidence by simply admitting the fact. DocLove uses humor to let her known that she is not the only one. Eric goes to extreme from the other side. To explain both, it is sufficient to use The System [2]. And you might be surprised, what number of details will be revealed by her response. The simple “yes” is an application of my method – Scramjet.

Everyone can imagine, how to modify the answer for questions such as "Do you always seduce women like this?". Unless… What, is there a catch? Yes, there is. If you don’t understand, what makes the given answers worth the attention, do not expect to achieve success of their authors. It is wrong to take an example and use it as a procedure. It is wrong to assume that the test was made of the first question only. Do not forget – a conversation takes several sentences and we might have planned our moves for several turns onward;-)

It is about the principles of dating and relationships. It is about the ability to use them. Different variants appeal to different types of women personalities. Differently.

Verbalism does not stand for knowledge.

Picture: Jennifer Coolidge asked Eddie Kay Thomas the question in American Pie.

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