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Feministas and Naive Men  

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Šárka a CtiradFeministas

It is always his fault. The Feministas’ Rule Book says so and it speaks for itself.

It speaks so clearly that some of them figured out, how much they’ve crossed the line. So, they began to distinguish the radical feministas. At least, the radical ones do not hide their real agenda. Yes, women did not always have the same rights and in some countries, they do not even today. And what? Wise people do not deny that and the mentally-grown ones do not want to own anybody. And when I write people, I refer to men and women. Yet, feministas have to ventilate this, as if every man is a public enemy number one. And how about the fact that after a divorce a child goes to a woman almost every time? Or another fact – years, which men spent at home while caring of children, do not count into the rent for men like they do for women? If we would like to make the noise as women do, there would be plenty of ammo, but we do not do that.

Every time I noticed a woman to label herself as a feminista, I paid more attention to her. And when she began to speak about relationships, it always ended with the same trait – she made a wrong choice and every next man has to pay for her fault. Perhaps, she did not want to put such load on her audience, so she skipped the conclusion conveniently.

I never heard any Miss Right to label herself as a feminista and to rain fire and brimstone to be taken seriously. It goes in vain as gentleman would treat her with respect on his own and she is interested in gentlemen only. And now try to answer a question, should a real gentleman ever want any feminista?

Passive Opportunists

From time to time, you can meet somebody telling you about women trying to seduce him. I leave celebrities and mercenaries for a later discussion, as I am about to focus on ordinary types now. Yes, from time to time, some woman can really try to seduce you. However, you have probably noticed that for several days in a row, you can walk through the town, while it simply does not happen.

Having high interest level in you, it does not mean she is Miss Right, or that you will be able to keep her. It takes knowledge as well as enough of experience to keep her interest level high. Only the active way of dating can give you enough of the experience.

And one more thing – if you take the active way of dating, you are able to choose from far greater numbers, so you can meet your Miss Right far sooner. Otherwise, you just wait who is left for you and nobody can guarantee a result.


Have you ever heard offended sentences like “Actually, I’m still a child, so my opinion is always bad, because I’m not adult yet.”? Oh yes, only a child can tell this – a child not aware of his/her child thinking. However, sometimes they are twenty years old and they think that because of their driving license, they are adult. In the best interest of fair play, some adults will always consider them as children. The younger man is, the more he inclines to adjust his statements to the image of a woman that he digs momentarily. Not speaking about the biological influence – the influence of hormones during adolescence [6, 7]. How many of them have described their guaranteed methods, which they consider as functional and proven enough? Many. It’s clear like a sunny sky – they are no fools and they want no shrew to control their lives. So, when they are happy with her, she has to be OK. It is logical.

There is a simple trick how to discover, whether you are listening to some young-blooded mind, or when an adult man speaks – a man who can go for a long-term relationship with Miss Right. When you gain the wisdom with age, you realize there’s no good to hurry things up, if the results should persist. Are you a romanticist? Remember the flower-bud as it needs its time to blossom into a charming rose. Are you more of a man of practice skills? Remember that a wet painting needs its time to dry up. Correct, it is the matter of timing.

  • Do they have a guaranteed procedure as two out of four experiments succeeded?
  • Do they measure the success in a time needed to get her laid?
  • Do they speak about a relationship right after a week?

Even as their driving license may prove them adult, they still can grow up mentally – at least to learn the patience, i.e. the self-control as well.

  • 50% of success ration may indicate an interesting progression, but
    • You cannot make confirmative conclusions from a few experiments

    • The same way, we can say that 50% was failure – but I would prefer the optimistic thinking too

    • Pay an attention, whether they discussed differences of each experiment, or if they just think that the conditions were the same for all conducted experiments. Are they able to back their claims? In accordance with a next example, when you encounter a one-night-stander, which you see for the first time in your lives, yet she decided to have a sex with you, it is very hard to blow it up. However, it is very easy to ignore this thanks to your ego.

    • Two women out of four might have had high interest level and therefore their behavior might have been perceived as a success, while the procedure itself could even lower their interest level – simply said their interest level might have been high enough and you could compensate the effect of the procedure – for instance more self-confidence and a relaxed approach, which could come out of a placebo effect. Going back to the previous point, for a prejudiced observer, it is hard to see all alternatives and so hasty judgment is nothing but a wishful thinking

  • What’s their goal? For a long-term relationship, her attitude matters. Easiness of getting her laid does not guarantee all qualities. Anybody, who bases the success just on the speed of getting her laid, misses what the long-term relationship is about.

  • Anybody, who maximizes his chances for success, will have just one date per week maximum without asking her for a next date. This technique works because you are different than the others – because you do not pressure her as if she is yours first date. Moreover, after a one week only, you cannot know her so well to know, whether she is a material for the long-term relationship.

Unless you are almost thirty, you don’t have the needed perspective (experience, self-control, the mentioned influence of hormones, …) to advice on relationships. Not that you could right after you are thirty. Technically speaking, you could and some people will even listen to you, but that’s all. There is a proverb that in the teen-age, every love is the true one. However, if you want the long-term relationship with Miss Right, you have to be a cynic a little bit. Otherwise, you will have difficulties to admit that things might be different than the way you want to see them.

Young-blooded advisors are good, when you need to know, what’s in for young people. But on the other hand, you should go after somebody of your age. Even if you are young, I would prefer advices of older and experienced men anyway. Objectively speaking, advices of young men could be more pleasant to your ego and they have not the time to grow up. However, the game is not about this.

However, I cannot rule out a possibility that you can meet a young man, who was so wise to accept a good advice, or asked a right question on relationships.

Šárka and Ctirad

Looking at the picture by Mikoláš Aleš, do you recognize Šárka and Ctirad? The young, naive man, who let himself catch in a death-trap for the pretty face of Šárka?

The story of Šárka and Ctirad is a part of Old Bohemian Tales [8]. Some time ago in the seventh century A.D., not to rule alone, matriarchal ruler Libuše brought to power her husband Přemysl. After death of Libuše, Přemysl stood as the only, patriarchal ruler. Some women wanted to retain their power, which was backed by Libuše, so they went into a war with men. Ctirad was a member of Přemysl’s suite, he was his greatest fighter. Women knew they were outnumbered, so they prepared a trap to ambush Ctirad’s party. A beautiful warrior named Šárka let herself to be tied to a tree and left with a hog and a jug of mead. She planned to tell a fabricated story to Ctirad, as the Amazonian women tied her to the tree, with the mead right out of her reach and the hog to call for help, if she would have her hands free. Despite number of Přemysl’s warnings, Ctirad believed her and have not questioned her story, nor paid any security measures. Just as the women assumed to happen – a young man lost the game in a face of a beautiful woman, who pretended high interest level. Once “rescued” and having Ctirad under her control, she offered the mead. In reality, it was a sleeping potion. Once men slept, she sounded the horn and the female warriors came to her aid – to slaughter the sleeping men, except Ctirad. Later on, women brutally tortured Ctirad to death, leaving his dead body on eyes of other men. Soon after that, men defeated women. To avoid capture, and obviously the consequences, Šárka decided to take her life, and jumped off a cliff in the valley named Divoká Šárka. Yet, today you can encounter a version that she was so sorry, that she was in love with Ctirad so much, so she could not live with his death on her hands… Now, would you believe that tall story of her feeling guilty?

When you rush in,
while throwing the common sense out of window,
you might get yourself a one,
but when you keep your head cool, you can have the best one.

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